Leaf-Cutter Ant

Leaf-cutter ants are highly evolved biological polymorphs. They harvest leaves and cultivate fungus within their nest for food. Despite their vegetarian nature, these ants will mount a fierce defense if threatened. Their colonies can contain over 8 million ants and are made up of four different castes: the 'Minima' caste is small, caring for brood and fungus; 'Minors' are larger, they venture out of the nest, patrol the foraging columns and act as a first line of defense against intruders; 'Medie' are tough, strong foragers, cutting and carrying leaves.

Leaf-Cutter Ants weigh 30 times more than a Minima and with a muscular forehead twice as large as a Minor, is the largest of the leaf-cutters; they are known as 'The Majors' and they certainly earn their title.